Monday, May 9, 2011

Its About Time

Greetings friends!!  I have been absent for way too long.  I apologize for this extended hiatus, but I can explain.
After a five year journey of trying to decide if we wanted to try to have another baby we finally decided.  Just like the first time around, we didn’t have to try long – first month was the charm again.  Since February I have been battling with ridiculous nausea 24/7.  Its been a long and slow few months for me.  It was all I could do to keep up with the basics.  And even the basics were a challenge at times.  I sat on the couch a lot.  Hours and hours of sitting in misery!
I am very excited to report that the worst of the nausea is behind me now.  I still have moments that rear up, but not the 24/7 constant gagging and nausea.  I am so relieved to be over that stage for the most part.  I had to cancel many engagements, a trip to visit family in Arizona and miss the best pre-royal wedding tea party in the world.  I feel like I have some of my life back.
I am 19 weeks along and next week we find out if we are having a boy or girl.  I don’t have any preference, but I feel like we are having a boy.  Our 4 year old is convinced it is a girl.  We shall see in a week.
I’ve been thinking about some topics for the blog and I am excited to report that I anticipate being much more active in the upcoming months.  Here are some topics I am thinking about . . .
The big decision: to have more children or not?
Traveling with kids
How do you handle being a mom in the workplace?
Lessons learned: surviving reorganizations at work
In addition I really am hoping folks will add their thoughts on these topics.  So, if you get a chance drop us a note and tell us topics you’d like to see this summer.  And how about telling us how you decided on the size of your family – was is planned, unplanned, what where important factors to you?
Hope spring has been inspiring to you (ignoring the weather of course) and that you are ready for a wonderful summer.

xoxo, Jessica

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