Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome and Preparations #1

Welcome Everyone!!  

Please come and enjoy a place for working moms to share successes and struggles, lessons learned, and all things that go along with being a working mama!  This is our very first post and Courtney and I are so excited to get this blog going.  We've noticed a lack of working moms in blogland and that is all about to change.  Share your thoughts, ideas and stories with us!!  Tell a friend and lets share our amazing journey. 

One of the most challenging aspects of working and having kids is staying one step ahead.  Sometimes it is impossible, I can’t tell you the number of times Addy has shown up for daycare on a Friday (bring your lunch day) without a lunch.  We scramble and put together a lunch at the deli next door as we are dropping her off.  It just happens.

But there are a couple of planning techniques that have truly worked well for me.  Both are pretty simple, but have a big impact for our family. Today I will talk about the first one, its the one we've been doing the longest.

Clothes Preparation

During the weekend I check the weather and calendar and lay out a full week’s worth of clothes for Addy.  I remember the first time I was introduced to this concept.  A co-worker invited us all to her home for a work function and she had two sets of clothes marching down the stairs and explained that this is where she put out her weeks worth of clothes for both her little girls.  So, you can put them out anywhere!  I use a shelf in Addy’s closet.  

Another great idea would be to get one of these:

They have them for sale at most stores like here at Target.
When doing this I lay out each outfit as completely as possible including undies or diaper, socks, shoes, sweater, etc.  That way you eliminate as much work in each morning as possible.  It really helps my husband if I am gone and he is trying to get Addy ready, as he has a terrible time trying to match up outfits and is inevitably running late.

We’ve been doing this since Addy first went to daycare at about 4 months old.  We are still doing it today.  Here we are ready for this upcoming week:

Okay, so I didn't make my piles look very pretty, but very effective none the less. It doesn't have to be beautiful to be efficient!

If you want to take it to the next level you can try adding:

  • A change of clothes for baby.  (Our daycare provider always had a handful of extra clothes, but you could provide a different outfit each day)
  • Extras needed for that day.  (If your child has swim class or ballet, you can include all those extras in the same location to be ready for all activities that day)
  • Ask your child to help or participate.  (Addy helps me plan it out and that way she doesn’t argue each morning about what to wear because I remind her she picked it out)
 Hope you find this idea helpful.  Share some of your preparation ideas with us!



  1. I love this idea. I m in the same boat and think you have found the perfect niche!


  2. That is a great idea! I'm not a mommy yet, but a follower of Courtney's and love the new blog idea!