Thursday, February 3, 2011

Preparations #2

Snacks for Pick Up

As Addy grew from baby into toddler we were stuck in a very challenging pattern that pick up time because the worst time of the day.  Addy was tired, pick up at daycare is always hectic in the evenings and I was tired and stressed from a long day at work and contemplating all the to-do’s both at work and home that were waiting for me.  This is a recipe for disaster.  Addy would come into the house once we got home and throw temper tantrums almost every night.  I can very much relate to Kim's note below about hungry kid in the pantry as we walk in the door.  After some trial and error we realized that Addy needed a little snack on the way home.  This snack, although simple, had a huge impact:

  • Focuses child’s attention – it is something repetitive and comforting during transition time
  • Staves off hunger – this way you can actually get home, change, feed the animals and make dinner
  • Opportunity for win-win – both of you feel successful during transition time
  • Quiet time – may provide Mom with a couple of extra minutes of quiet time to make those final work phone calls on the way home

I pack this bag each Sunday with snacks for the week. 

I also provide my husband a couple of extras as well.  I normally do pick up by there will be those days that things get switched up.  I typically include things like an apple, fruit leather, or bag of goldfish or crackers.  You can get pre-packed bags of crackers and such at the grocery store to make it even more simple.  I typically make the bags myself to save some money.  Now that Addy is older I have her help me put the bag together so she is taking some ownership in what ends up in the bag.  When we started I kept the bag up front and handed out the snacks.  Now I keep it in the back and when I buckle Addy in, she picks out her own choice and I keep the bag in the back.

As a working Mom what preparation techniques have you found to be helpful?  Please share, we’d love to hear your great ideas!!

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  1. Remember Samantha telling us that Brianna would through tantrums every night when they'd walk into their house? Your post reminded me of those days. I'm glad you found the secret to calm homecomings. It is hard enough getting home and making dinner for 2, let alone kid and doggies!